Friday, October 16, 2015

It's not True, Cats don´t Have Seven Lives

During my lifetime I have had a lot of pets and all of them were cats. If I am counting them correctly there should’ve been about four of them and sadly only one of them lived enough time. I will do a quick obituary of my family’s dead pets.
  • Javiera: was a very nice cat with strange blue eyes that was living in our house before our arrival. One day she disappeared and until today we suspect that she was stolen from us.
  • Lulo: was the only son of my actual cat Lulu. His name was given because of his resemblance with his mother. Despite of their resemblance they didn’t got along well so Lulu (a true matriarch) finally expelled him from its kingdom (my house).
  • Tito: he was a really nice orange-white haired cat and the best at chasing any kind of laser light. He was practically a professional acrobat. I always remember him chasing his own tail and after catching it he enjoyed eating it. One morning we found him agonizing and surrounded by his own vomit. We took him to the veterinary as fast as we could but the only solution was to sacrifice him, because he was suffering too much.

At the end of this sad list there is Lulu, a war veteran of 15 years which means 77 years in human terms. She follows me everywhere and we even share the same pillow when I’m sleeping. So I suppose I have the final proportion, by one enduring cat there are other three non-durable. It’s sad but true. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Rodizios: Where you can eat as much as you want

I’m not going to write about neither my favorite dish nor a specific kind of food. Instead of I’m going to talk about the type of restaurant I think it’s the most convenient when you consider yourself as a very hungry and insatiable man or woman. I’m referring to restaurant known as “Rodizios” (word of Portuguese origin and widely used in Brazil). Why are those restaurants so special?    Well it is simple anytime you want to eat in one of them you should have to pay a fixed price and then literally eat as much as you can. This kind of food service is also known as “free fork” and can be applied to any kind of food like pasta, salad, but the word Rodizio is most commonly used when we talk about a meat “free fork”. So if you consider yourselves people who can eat a lot, I recommend visiting one of these places.